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Looking for One on One nutrition coaching? Claudia Lemay (RD) is a well-known and published Registered Dietitian and nutritionist. When Claudia is your coach you can expect expert nutritional counselling. One on One nutrition coaching is available online or at any of our 3 convenient locations serving Delta, Langley, White Rock and Surrey.If you are tired of do it yourself lack lustre results, then you should consider professional nutrition coaching.

Nutrition is the key to achieving your health and performance goals. Whether you want to lose some weight, improve your wellbeing or increase your athletic performance, the foundation for success is nutrition. Instead of floundering along experimenting and trying to find answers, the fastest way to reach your goals is with One on One nutrition coaching.

Nutrition coaching is one of the best low cost investments you can ever make to improve your health and lifestyle. A Registered Dietitian is a highly trained nutrition professional who can eliminate guess work and deliver solutions that actually get results. Peak performance, a balanced body, a clear mind and a better standard of life are all byproducts of nutrition coaching.

Benefits of a Coach

Connecting with a nutritional coach can be a life changing experience. With a coach you have access to instant expert advice on all facets of nutrition. Coaching is a collaborative effortwith you and your coach working together to analyze your current health and formulate a strategy for nutrition. Getting your body on track is the main advantage of nutrition coaching.

Another major benefit of nutrition coaching is guidance in dealing with ailments. Proper nutrition can help relieve ailment symptoms to improve your overall health and wellbeing. In some cases, the right nutrition regimen can actually help cure an ailment. Whatever ailments you may be dealing with, the odds are it can be improved, or cured, with the assistance of nutrition coaching.

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